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One Rig For Winter – Bivvy.TV

Myles Gascoyne, Alan Taylor and Frank Warwick show us what they would use if they could only fish with one type of rig each over the winter.

Spooling Line – Bivvy.TV

Steve Renyard and Myles Gascoyne demonstrate how to correctly spool line, explaining different methods and showing how to check your line for twists.

Polarised Glasses – Bivvy.TV

Frank Warwick and Myles Gascoyne discuss polarised glasses, taking a look at the new fishing range from Wiley X. Frank then puts the glasses through their paces, testing their indestructible claims with Steve Renyard and Keith...

Marker Floating – Bivvy.TV

Steve Renyard and Keith Williams discuss how to correctly use a marker float, and then test the accuracy of Steve's technique by putting him up against a bait boat with sonar.

Sticks or Bags – Bivvy.TV

Frank Warwick, Keith Williams and Steve Renyard discuss sticks and bags, including which they prefer, when they would use each, and why.

Myles Meets Frank – Bivvy.TV

Myles Gascoyne interviews fellow Bivvy.TV presenter Frank Warwick about his love of fishing, discussing some of his past exploits and what he is up to presently.

Tackle Tips – Bivvy.TV

Lee Jackson and Alan Taylor share some tips for end tackle, based on their experiences, in order to ensure safety when fishing.

Roy Parsons – Bivvy.TV

Steve Renyard interviews Roy Parsons, discussing his work as head bailiff of one of Britain's busiest fisheries.

Longshank Hooks – Bivvy.TV

Steve Renyard, Lee Jackson and Alan Taylor discuss the use of longshank hooks, and suggest safer alternatives based on their own experiences.

Spod Mixes – Bivvy.TV

Steve Renyard and Dave Fuidge explain different methods of making spod mixes, both for visual effect underwater and for attracting larger carp, then demonstrate how they both react in the water.

Gaining Sponsorship – Bivvy.TV

Dave Fuidge talks to Myles Gascoyne and Frank Warwick about their views on gaining sponsorship, offering tips for aspiring anglers and an insight into the life of a sponsored angler.

Anti-Tangle Rigs – Bivvy.TV

Steve Renyard and Dave Fuidge discuss rigs with anti-tangle properties, demonstrating some of their favourites and explaining when best to use them.

Marc Coulson – Bivvy.TV

Dave Fuidge chats to Total Carp Magazine Editor Marc Coulson to find out a little more about his job, career, and asks some of the questions you've always wanted answered.

Line Colour – Bivvy.TV

Frank Warwick, Mark Hutchinson and Dave Fuidge discuss line colour and whether it matters to them, both in mono and fluorocarbon.

A Bait For All Seasons – Bivvy.TV

Frank Warwick and Dave Fuidge discuss the idea of using one bait on all waters, offering their favourite baits at the moment and suggesting baiting tactics.

Sharpening Hooks – Bivvy.TV

Frank Warwick and Mark Hutchinson discuss hook sharpening techniques, looking into why you need to keep your hooks sharp.

Braided Material – Bivvy.TV

Dave Fuidge and Mark Hutchinson discuss different types of braided material, demonstrating uses and explaining the best situations for each.